Toonie Hash

There was a boy called Toonie Hash
Who stood up to dance at a burly bash
His pant in a jiffy tore
Greatly embarrassed he swore
And out of the room he was in a flash.

Let The Heart Be

Let your heart love,
Let your heart be.

Let your heart sing,
For that’s it dire need.

Let the heart expand,
Let the heart flow.

Let the heart be stainless,
For then it begins to glow.

Let the heart beat,
Let the heart reach.

Let the heart encompass,
All as it was meant to be.

A Lovely Dream

Last night I had a lovely dream,
A dream I dreamed all night long.

I was a bird, a yellow bird,
A canary, singing all day long.

Flying over the hills and dales,
My wings were flapping swift and strong.

I left my nest at sharp day-break,
When Cock, my pal, did his sing-song.

My Friend And I Have Fallen Out

My friend and I have fallen out,
I’m crying within as I grin without.

We fought over a silly ol’ pup,
Whose name we couldn’t quite make up.

I called him snowy because he was white,
My friend argued it was not quite right.

‘Let’s call him Fluffy, he said,
‘For he’s got oodies of hair on his head’.

Angrily I said, “that’s a girl’s name: and he’s a boy.
Let’s pick out a macho name like Sepoy or Corduroy”.

Hearing that he punched me hard,
I fell with a thud for I was caught off-guard.

“You meanie”, I yelled: “You don’t fight fair.
Your friendship and name, both I forswear”.

Here Comes The Rain

Pitter patter falls the rain, on my window-sill,
Nose pressed to the pane I look out in thrill.

Silver liquid drops, drop flippety flop,
Playing a sweet sing song on my roof top.

Here comes the rain with Miss Cleaner in tow;
The streets are squeaky clean, the houses also.

The green is looking greener;
The off white has turned to white,
The joy in our heart is like soaring kite.

I love you God and thank you,
Here comes the rain and that is You.